Saturday, 5th March 2011

It's been almost a month of not blogging AGAIN! Sorry... :(

After I came back from Australia I was just having post holiday syndrome and after that, worked just picked up like nobody's business!

Anyways, here I am. Back again! Just a short one to kick it off. Did you know...

That there is this place is Austria called "Fucking"? Don't believe me? Click the link! It's even on Wikipedia.

Was out for yum cha yesterday with my bf's friends and they told me about it. It's tiny ass town in Austria with a population of only 104 people. Surprising isn't it? You would think with a town name like that - you'd have more people in it? :P

Anyway - their town signage is the most popular visitor attraction and is also the most stolen by souvenir hunting tourists. This apprently is the only crime in the town as well. Each stolen sign is actually costs 300 Euros to replace!

*Photo credit: Wikipedia*
Haha! Interesting ain't it? Read more about it on Wiki!

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