Saturday, 12 November 2011

Trying to keep my tradition alive by having Burger King's in all the airports I have been too. Thus, this entry is to commemorate my memory of the Burger King while I was in Beijing.

In Chinese, it's pronounced as "Ham Pau Wang" - I THINK! Don't laugh at me if in case I get it wrong. :P

Anyways, I didn't get the meal this time because I was in the airport at an ungodly hour - 5am!! And I was actually too sleepy/tired to eat anything. So I just got a Double Cheese Bacon burger. But in the end? I ate my burger even before I boarded the plane. :P Boy - I felt sick! Imagine eating that early in the morning! BUT, I have to say, it was quite satisfying. Not sure if it's because I have been having chinese food for the last 5 days there. :P Anyways, burger had BBQ sauce in it which gave it a slight sweet taste to it yet still being able to taste all the preservatives of the burger patty! Haha!

Burger only costed me RMB23 which is equivalent to RM12.50! Don't remember how much a meal costs though. Forgot to take a picture of the actual burger. Was too stoned and lazy to do it actually.. :P 

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